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Join the Boston Mycological Club for a Mushroom Walk, Sunday July 23 at the Daniels Farmstead

The Boston Mycological Club (BMC) will conduct a hunt for fungi in the woods of the Daniels Farmstead, 286 Mendon Street, Blackstone, MA on Sunday, July 23rd, beginning at 10:30 am. This event includes collecting specimens for l.5 hours and then returning to tables at the Daniels Barnyard for display, identification and information.

There are hundreds of thousands of fungi all around us. Some help trees to thrive, others decompose organic materials and turn them to soil, some are destructive, and some are edible. Mushrooms appear as if by magic after a rain and often disappear as quickly. This talk will be led by Isabella Roversi and David Babik, members of the Boston Mycological Club’s ID committee. The BMC regularly searches for Fungi throughout MA and the walk leaders are very familiar with the types of mushrooms you may run across. July through October is the peak season for mushrooms in our part of the country, so this talk comes at a perfect time. It will be a special opportunity to learn the basics of identifying the mushrooms you find as you explore the outdoors.

All ages are welcome. Persons interested in attending should be prepared for walking in the woods including closed-toed shoes and long pants (familiarize yourself with ticks and poison ivy). If possible, also bring the following items: a sharp knife for cutting specimens off of dead logs and a butter knife or spoon for digging up fungi growing in soil, a basket or paper bag for carrying specimens in, and a magnifying glass or better a jeweler’s loupe. But really the most important thing to bring is curiosity! Experienced members of the BMC will be there to lead you and help identify the specimens you collect. Person interested in more information about fungi and joining the BMC may visit

In addition, the Daniels Farmstead will be hosting their weekly Farmers Market on Sunday, July 23rd from 11:00am to 2:00pm, offering a wonderful assortment of local vendors including fresh from the garden produce, homemade treats and goods, plus so much more!

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