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Memory Orchard at the Daniels Farmstead

The Daniels Farmstead Memory Orchard was established to honor those who wished to preserve nature and the history of the farmstead.  Each apple tree planted is individually donated in honor of your loved one. Our goal is to create and establish a special memorial which will continue to expand and grow.  


The Memory Orchard is a place to visit and reflect in a peaceful and beautiful setting, with a capacity for approximately 42 trees.  Benches are available for sponsorship.  For additional information please email us at

The public and donors are welcome to visit the orchard during spring bloom and fall harvest, which is typically May and August thru October.   Visitors are also welcome during times when the Daniels Farmstead is open see events schedule.  Please observe all signage when visiting.  The orchard is young.  Apples require 5 to 7 years for fruit production to begin in the best of conditions.  Harvesting of apples is not permitted at this time.

Certain varieties are selected for the growing conditions at Daniels’ Farm and the typical growing season in Blackstone Massachusetts. Variety availability cannot be guaranteed. Other fruit types (i.e. peach, pear, cherry, etc.) are not available for the Memory Orchard at this time.

In the early 1880’s an apple orchard occupied the lot behind the “square” field. Noted in public and family records, the present 1870 mill replaced the cider mill, which was one of the improvements added by Absalom Daniels during the 1835 to 1850 period. The two large wooden presses found in the current mill may well be from the earlier mill. After Hiram D. Daniels passed away in 1875, his widow Elizabeth Thayer Daniels continued the apple farming operation. She managed the farm for several years with her son Hiram T. Daniels. The current turn-table cider press made by Boomer & Boschert in Syracuse, N.Y. was installed in 1890. The mill continuously ran every fall season into the 1950’s when Hiram’s son Adin “Charlie” Daniels ceased the apple pressing.

"It is remarkable how the history of the Apple Tree is connected to man."   Henry David Thoreau 

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For additional information about the Memory Orchard, please email us

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