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Daniels Farmstead Receives Funds to help with Cider Press Restoration

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

This past Sunday, September 19th, State Senator Ryan Fattman (Sutton-R) attended the Daniels Farmstead Annual Apple Fest and presented to the Daniels Farmstead a check in the amount of $75,000. These funds were secured by the Senator during the state budget process and will be used to restore the historic cider press at the farm. The cider press is a unique historic gem of the Blackstone Valley and once restored will serve as an important educational piece.

The Daniels Farmstead Foundation Board of Directors expresses their deepest gratitude to State Senator Ryan Fattman for his strong support for the farmstead and for recognizing the importance of historic preservation.

Left to Right, Justine Brewer (Daniels Board Member), Mary Bulso (Daniels Board Member), Selectman Bob Kluvchevitz, Joe Pedorella (Daniels Board Member), Selectman Ryan Chamberland and State Senator Ryan Fattman

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