Astronomy Evening at the Farm with Guest Speaker Noelle Jobson - postponed to Saturday, August 14th

Updated: Jul 9

With the large amounts of rainfall received from Hurricane Elsa and rainfalls earlier this week, the fields at the Daniels Farmstead are quite soggy. Therefore we have decided to postpone the Astronomy Evening at the Farm scheduled for Saturday, July 10th to be hosted on Saturday, August 14th. We want to be sure all guests enjoy a lovely evening at the farm and a wonderful presentation of the night sky by our guest speaker Noelle Jobson.

Tickets are available now thru to August 14th. Click here to purchase tickets.

Guest arrival begins at 7:00pm; enjoy a leisurely picnic dinner at the Farm. Custom prepared picnic baskets can be pre-ordered from Galliford's Restaurant by calling 508.928.0928

Beginning at 8:30pm Noelle Jobson, of Upton, Massachusetts, will be your guide through a "Tour of the Summer Night Time Skies". Topics wll include Stellar Navigation, Cosmology, the Milk Way and the Galactic Center... and more!

Noelle has always been intrigued by the night skies. As a child, her beloved uncle would spend hours touring the sky with her, explaining the science of galaxies, stars, black holes, and special relativity. Eventually, Noelle went on to pursue a BSc in both Physics and Astronomy, with minors in CompSci and Mathematics from the University of Arizona.

Noelle’s research area of interest was theoretical astrophysics. Amongst her research work was quantized red shift theory and study of the black hole at our galactic center. Noelle had the rare opportunity to collect her data at the Kitt Peak Observatory 4-meter telescope located in Arizona-Sonoran Desert. While a student, Noelle also ran the Astronomy 101 lab using the Stewart Observatory 21” scope at Kitt Peak. In addition to her TA position and research, Noelle received NSF grants to support bridge programs for students wishing to transition into the rigor and challenge of four-year university physics and astronomy programs. Noelle’s thesis was in high energy particle physics, supporting CERNs ATLAS experiment with the Large Hadron Collider. Alas, after Noelle began her graduate program, she discovered that a career in academia did not align with her long-term goals.

Noelle took an opportunity in aerospace and found her niche. She later earned an MSc in engineering and engineering management at Tufts. Noelle has spent twenty plus years in the Aerospace and Defense Industry and is currently a Chief Engineer with Raytheon. She has also worked with Honeywell, Boeing, and other industry contractors. Additionally, Noelle spent six years in France, where she worked for the US State Department. She is a member of various engineering organizations, including AUVSI, IEEE Aerospace and the Society of Women Engineers.

We are also fortunate to have Noelle's teenage daughter as a volunteer here with us at the Daniels Farmstead Foundation, Blackstone, MA.

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